ponycheck - property based testing with pony


Dear community,

i'd like to announce ponycheck (https://github.com/mfelsche/ponycheck) - a library for property based testing in ponylang with tight integration into ponytest.

It is far from ready or complete, but its in a fairly usable state.

There are many reasons why i am "publishing" it now:
  • I need to learn. I still consider myself a pony-noob and would kindly ask you for your feedback on the code and tips on how this lib could be improved and be made more idiomatic.
  • Is the API actually usable and convenient for you. Does it cover everything you would expect from such a library? Is this library actually useful to you? Please don't hesitate to open an issue at https://github.com/mfelsche/ponycheck/issues if you have any kind of request or report.
  • I'd love to give back. After all the warm and tender care I received from the community with my stupid questions and problems. You are the best!
There is still a shit ton to do. Maybe someone wants to help out and contribute? have a look at: https://github.com/mfelsche/ponycheck/issues


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