statsd for pony

Stewart Gebbie


In preparation for some other projects that I have in mind I have put
together a simple StatsD client library for Pony:

This is a very early release and I have only just finished testing the
'demo' code against: graphite + collectd.

The usage within any code needing to be instrumented with statsd type
telemetry should be simple and straight forward:

let statsd: StatsD = StatsD.create(env.root as AmbientAuth, "")?

let mygauge: Gauge = statsd.gauge("test.gauge.bucket")
let myset: Set = statsd.set("test.set.bucket")
let mytimer: Timer = statsd.timer("test.timer.bucket")
let mycounter: Counter = statsd.timer("test.counter.bucket")



If any one is interested please take a look. Feedback and pull requests
are obviously most welcome.


Stewart Gebbie <>
+27 84 738 2899

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