Pony offline documentation and docset


Hi everyone, I started using Pony more these last few weeks and I found myself
constantly navigating and searching through the online documentation, which can
be a bit tedious, plus the built-in search can be a bit daunting (searching for u8, for example,
yields hundreds of results).

To make this easier for me, I created a docset for offline use with better search.
A docset is just a bundle of html files paired with an sqlite database. It can be used with both
Dash (https://kapeli.com/dash, OSX) and Zeal (https://zealdocs.org, Windows and Linux).

I thought this could be useful for the rest of the community, so I made it available at
https://github.com/ergl/pony-docset. You can download the latest version (as of Pony 0.21.3)

Please see the repo’s README for installation instructions.


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