Domain change coming


Domain change coming! Hi all, for a while now, we've been trying to get the domain transfered from the original registrar over to a new one where all the members of the current core team are able to access and maintain it. Sadly, that has turned into a bit of a mess and doesn't look like it's going to happen. We've been trying to get it worked out for several months now but with no luck. Starting this week, we are going to be migrating as much as we can from to

As part of that migration, we'll be redirecting as much as we can so that going to will get you redirected to The plan is to do the same with and

There might be some bumps along the way and sometimes, the redirect might be kind of primitive. Please bear with us through the switch and if you get any weird errors, please email sean@... and let me know the problem. Thanks!


The website should be fully over from to

https should be working and everything should be redirecting. If you encounter any problems let me know.

Next up are the tutorial and patterns books. Those are going to be trickier. has been moved to

old links should be redirecting to equivalents.


Hi all, is now live.

There's a hacky redirect of to It's not perfect but it should work.

More coming! Next up will be moving over to

It will work the same as how tutorial now works.


Pony Patterns has been moved as well.

It's not at